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Instant purchasing power at any time, for any reason

Customers who want to make non-cash deposits without leaving their office  

Business Debit Card

Enables you to make purchases or obtain cash without the inconvenience of writing a check

Cash Management

Immediate access to your account information from the convenience of your business computer


Loan Amount:  Credit limit established upon approval    



Grace Period: not less than 25 days

Payment 4% of balance, $25.00 minimum

Annual Fee: $25

Late Fee up to $15.00

Advance Fee 2% of amount advanced $2 minimum/$100 maximum

Transfer Fee 2% of amount advanced $2 minimum/$100 maximum


One pick-up/week = $50.00/mo.

Two pick-ups/week = $70.00/mo.

Three pick-ups/week = $100.00/mo.

Four pick-ups/week = $120.00/mo.

Daily pick-ups (M-F) = $135/mo.

Single pick-up on as-needed basis = $25.00

*Subject to change


Merchant Card Services

Expand you customers' payment options, simplify your business operations, and increase revenue

Health Savings Accounts

For individuals with high-deductible health insurance policies that want a tax-advantages account to use to pay for medical expenses.



12.25% Standard APR for purchases

12.25% Standard APR for cash advance

12.25% Standard APR for balance transfer 6.99% Promotional APR available for transactions made during 1st 6 months. Outstanding Promo balance at the end of the 12th billing cycle reverts to standard APR.



 Remote Deposit

Business Banking customers who want the capability to deposit checks electronically without having to bring them into a physical branch.


Visa Benefits Available Include:

Purchase Security and Extended Protection

Cardholder Inquiry Service

Emergency Card Replacement


Other Options/Benefits (must enroll to receive benefits free of charge)*:

Travel Reservation Service

Bonus Travel Dividend

Vision Care Discounts

Prescription Discounts

Payment Card Registration

Key Registration


A Bank representative will pick up non-cash deposits at your business 

*Subject to certain geographic areas 

Pick-ups can be made as frequently as necessary

All deposits are credited on the same day

No minimum balance required








Enrollment required for optional card benefits

Please Note: This information is accurate as of April 2014. Central Valley Community Bank
reserves the right to make changes at any time as a result of a change of policy, law, and
regulation or otherwise.

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